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Getting into a car accident can be a scary experience in Southern California, including Alhambra. In fact, often Alhambra Personal Injury Attorneys have to fight for the rights of motorists and pedestrians who fall victims to negligent drivers, their insurance companies and the attorneys that represent them. If you are caught in a car accident in Alhambra you do not have to fight them as you fight for your own recovery. Call an experienced Car Accident Attorney from LA Jewish Lawyer at 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation.

At only eight miles from Downtown LA, Alhambra falls prey to the Los Angeles dense rush hour traffic. This inevitable makes Alhambra residents and commuters vulnerable to car accidents. Many residents in Alhambra fall prey to insurance companies when they’re deemed at fault and insurers refuse to pay them a dime. To make matters worse personal injury, pain, inability to work, loss of income and perhaps even expensive repair bills can follow. Alternatively, other driver’s insurance can refuse to pay by arguing that evidence is insufficient. As if that was not enough, complex court forms and deadlines make fighting insurance companies and their Personal Injury Lawyers an arduous task for the inexperienced.  If the injuries are severe enough, you may be taken to a hospital and then be responsible for unexpected medical bills and rehabilitation. This is when you need an experienced top Car Accident Attorney to negotiate tough with the insurance companies and take them to court so that you are provided with the compensation you deserve.

It is no secret that driving in Southern California has become more dangerous as new vehicles enter the roads every year. Just in 2016 vehicle sales in the US totaled a staggering 17.55 million, many of which commute the roads of Southern California today. Incidentally, car dealerships happen to be the largest economic contributor to the city of Alhambra with dealerships such as Acura, BMW, Honda, Nissan, Toyota among others sitting nicely along Main St. near Atlantic Blvd. Nonetheless, getting into a car accident on these roads is no picnic. It is always best to prevent one.

According to the Alhambra Source, its readers voted Freemont & Valley as the worst intersection in the city. Interestingly, their reader’s poll mirrored closely the Alhambra Police Department data below. The list shows the most dangerous intersection at the very top.

  1. Fremont & Valley (36)
  2. Garfield & Valley (36)
  3. Atlantic & Valley (34)
  4. New & Valley (24)
  5. Garfield & Mission (24)
  6. Garfield & Main (24)
  7. Fremont & Mission (20)
  8. Atlantic & Hellman (20)
  9. Almansor & Valley (18)
  10. Chapel & Mission (16)


If you are in Alhambra and found yourself unable to prevent being in a car accident you don’t have to fight the insurance companies and their lawyers alone as you fight for your own recovery. Let an experienced Car Accident Lawyer with the best reviews handle your case so you can focus on your recovery. A Personal Injury attorney from the LA Jewish Lawyer network is available for a Free Consultation at 855 977 1212. Call now!


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