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Should I Contact a Lawyer for a Dog Attack?

Were you or someone in your family attacked by a dog?


Here are a few Steps to take after a Dog Attack or Dog Bite:


Getting The Dog Owner’s Information Is Critical! If the dog’s owner or caregiver is present, get all the details you can possibly can. Get the owner’s name, the dog’s name, address and phone number. Take a lot of pictures of the dog, any wounds, and the owner using your own phone. If you don’t have your phone, use someone’s phone you trust. Getting the dog owner’s contact information is critical. If it is a stray dog, immediately go to the nearest Emergency Room for care. Dog bites can be very infectious and need treatment.


Were There Witnesses? If witnesses were present during to the dog attack, make sure and collect their names and contact information. Having witnesses to back your story will help you in case the owner’s story is different than yours. Record the time and place of the attack and whether the dog was on a leash.


Keep All Medical Expenses Documents If you have been injured by a dog attack, your lawyer will need all of the medical expense documents associated with the treatment of your injuries. Expenses to document include medical bills, prescription costs and insurance.


Report The Dog Attack To Animal Control And Check Records For Prior Attacks Report the attack to your local Animal Control authorities. This is very important in case the dog did not have any tags or no owner to be found. If you find that the Animal Control office has prior records of same dog attacking, it will be very helpful to recover your damages.


Be Sure To Retain An Attorney With the Necessary Experience Not all attorneys practice the law relating to dog bites. Be sure to retain an Attorney with the necessary experience to maximize your recovery of damages.


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