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Despite a recent fall of 28% on motorcycle deaths in California from 2016, any good rider knows that it is a risky feat to ride along the busy southern California streets and highways. In fact, motorcycle accident lawyer cases tend to be more complex because the other driver often argues that he or she did not see the motorcycle. Witnesses are often a determining factor when deciding liability in a motorcycle accident attorney case. A top Personal Injury Attorney can help you achieve the best outcome for your motorcycle accident. Call 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation with an attorney.

As it it always the case, the best way to deal with a traffic accident is to prevent one. To this end, the California DMV recommends riders to always wear a helmet and other protective gear, never drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol, always watch your speed, assume people in cars do not see you, avoid blind spots in other vehicles and particularly avoid blind spots with large trucks. Keep in mind that even a small a motorcycle accident it highly likely to cause injury or death. However, if an accident is unavoidable you may be entitled to compensation for the following:


  • Medical bill & expenses
  • Pain & Suffering
  • Disability or permanent disability
  • Lost wages


It is important to realize that with the highest number of motorcyclists in the nation at a whopping 800,000 registered licenses, motorcycle accidents in California are inherently imminent. According to the Hurt report on motorcycle accidents, 75% of motorcycle accidents involve another vehicle, when multiple vehicles were involved 66% of the time the accident was caused by the driver of another vehicle, also motorist’s failure to see the motorcycle was the leading cause of motorcycle accidents. Fortunately, a top Personal Injury Attorney with courtroom experience from the LA Jewish lawyer network can conduct an investigation, interview your witnesses and ensure you get the best possible outcome for your motorcycle accident. For a Free Consultation call 855 977 1212 to speak to an attorney.



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