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UBER Accident Lawyer

If you live in southern California or live in about every big city in the world, you either have taken or at least have heard of Uber. Uber is a multi-billion dollar company and they certainly have a strong foothold in Los Angeles. However, as this service explodes in just about every major city in the US, so do the chances of getting yourself in an accident involving an Uber. Moreover, because it is a ride-share service, liability may not be as clear as being in an accident in a regular taxi cab. Nonetheless, if you’re in an Uber and you are involved in an accident, there are certain things you need to know.


First of all all Uber drivers are independent contractors and not Uber workers. This means that you’re not directly dealing with Uber but with a private driver that has been contracted by Uber to “share” his “ride” with users that use the mobile application to request a ride somewhere. This is different than a traditional taxi company where the company is strictly liable if you were to experience an accident within their care. Still, there are a couple of major ways to get liability coverage when riding with an independent contractor driving for Uber. Ask your Uber Personal Injury Lawyer to learn more. 


For instance, all drivers in California are required to have liability insurance in order to drive legally. In fact, Uber will not allow you to become a contracted driver unless you show proof of liability. Therefore, in the event of an accident while riding in an Uber it is typical that the driver’s personal insurance policy will cover your losses. However, the driver’s coverage usually only covers up to $30,000, and while this amount is normally enough to cover a rider’s losses, if the accident is serious enough this may not. As a result, if $30,000 is not enough to cover your losses Uber has a policy limit insurance that covers you up to 1 million dollars to cover any difference between the driver’s insurance policy limit and your potential cost of recovery.


It may seem easy at first, but insurance companies aren’t always helpful in paying out victims, specially if you’re not even their customer. Furthermore, if you’ve been injured and require medical attention and/or to miss work you may want a top personal injury attorney to engage the other party’s insurance company and Uber in order to negotiate a fair settlement. Typically, insurance companies are more catering to attorneys as they can file a lawsuit at any time. If you’ve or a loved one has been involved in an Uber accident call LA Jewish Lawyer at 855 977 1212 Now for a Free Consultation with an Uber attorney.


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