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Do I Need A Lawyer After A Hit-And-Run Accident?

You’ve just been hit by a smooth criminal. Only this time, it’s not a catchy song on the radio but a nefarious individual that has hit you or your property with a vehicle and has since fled the scene of the accident. Naturally, many people ask themselves if it is necessary to call an attorney, and the answer is a resolute yes.


It is truly unfortunate that California has become the leader of hit and run accidents in the nation. In fact, when it comes to Los Angeles, the CPH has called it an ‘Epidemic’. For example, LA’s hit and run accidents rise to 50% of all traffic accidents compared to 11% nationwide. To list a couple, just in September 2018, a pedestrian was hit and killed in Van Nuys by a hit and run driver, a woman was killed in North Hollywood as a result of an accident with a hit and run driver, and a victim in Silverlake died after being in a coma produced by a hit and run driver. As bad and final as these stories sound, the truth is that this does not have to be the end of the story. There are several outcomes that can arise from a hit and run accident. Fortunately, an experienced car accident lawyer can help you identify them and guide you towards the best possible outcome in your particular situation. To this end, LA Jewish lawyer has built a top attorney network ready to help! Call 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation with an attorney!


Keep i mind that if the hit and run driver is never found, it does not necessarily mean that you will not be able to receive compensation for your injuries. An experienced attorney with a background in personal injury and car accidents is able to assess the situation and look for coverage through other types of insurance such as health and/or homeowner’s insurance. He or she is also be able to determine if there are other parties at fault.


On the other hand, if the hit and run driver is found, it’s very possible that he or she will be criminally prosecuted. However, even if his case is dismissed, the offender pleaded to a lesser charge, or is found not guilty, it does not mean he is free from any civil obligation to you or your loved ones. In fact, criminal standards are set much higher than those associated with a civil lawsuit. The offender may still be liable for the following:


  • Medical Bills
  • Pain and Suffering
  • Emotional Distress
  • Disability or Permanent disability
  • Lost Wages

If the hit and run driver has driver’s insurance, the most likely situation is that their insurance will have to bear the financial burden for your damages and losses. Moreover, the driver may also be personally subject to punitive damages. The latter means that he or she may need to pay a to be determined amount as a form of punishment for their reckless behavior. An experienced car accident attorney can confidently deal with the insurance companies and the law to ensure your rights are protected.

There are many reasons why a driver may elect to run away from a scene of an accident. Namely, they may be unlicensed to drive, or driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, or simply are afraid of costs due to lack of insurance or afraid or rising insurance premiums. Nonetheless it is worth noting that California has some of the toughest hit and run laws in the nation. For instance, a hit and run accident can become a felony if there is a death involved, as it is often the case with pedestrians or cyclists. If you’re involved in a hit and run accident, you will need a tough yet compassionate attorney with the experience and knowledge to bring about the best possible outcome. Luckily a top attorney from the LA Jewish Lawyer network has the courtroom experience to navigate through the complex California codes and procedures and the confidence to represent your interests against those of insurance companies, their attorneys and the negligent and reckless drivers they represent. Luckily, LA Jewish Lawyer has a network of courtroom experienced top Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers and Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys that are ready to fight for you. Call 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation with an attorney!


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Do I Need A Lawyer After A Hit-And-Run Accident?