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Recently I was browsing facebook when in a local group someone posted that they needed a Car Accident lawyer. In order to help her out, I immediately posted a link to the LA Jewish Lawyer website but subsequently I saw that other people had also posted other attorney’s information. After several posts, she asked how she should pick the right attorney.

Picking an attorney to work with is like picking the quarterback for your football team, you can’t just pick any football player. Similarly, there are a number of qualifications to consider when selecting a great attorney. After all he or she will be on your side, or in your team if you will, in order to achieve your common goal. Now one of the advantages you get from selecting an attorney from LA Jewish Lawyer is that we work with only top Los Angeles area lawyers so in essence you have your attorneys already pre-selected for you. The alternative however, is to call a number of other offices, many with a single practitioners that may try to sell his or her services but cannot truly provide with any other option.

Going back to the woman, I responded that although I personally think she should save time by calling LA Jewish Lawyer, the rule of thumb is to call as many attorneys as possible and then pick the one that not only has the best qualifications but also makes her feel the most comfortable. Now when it comes to qualifications you are looking for an attorney that works and has experience with the specific type of law you need assistance with. Contrary to popular belief, law varies greatly from specialty to specialty. For instance, a bankruptcy only attorney, even with years of experience, will be ill equipped to take a personal injury case. Similarly, a medical malpractice only attorney will be ill equipped to take a worker’s compensation case, etc. But in addition to making sure your attorney works with your type of legal matter, one must also look at their experience within that legal specialty. Ultimately, once you have found a top attorney with all the relevant experience, which includes courtroom experience, trial experience and a great success rate, it’s time to look at the personal aspect. You should feel good about working with the attorney you selected. This attorney should be someone that will enable you to put only your best foot forward in your legal matter.

At LA Jewish Lawyer we pride ourselves on getting not only top-rated aggressive attorneys in the courtroom but also compassionate and knowledgeable attorneys who are first and foremost human and can empathize with your legal hurdles and provide true assistance. When you pick an attorney from our network, you know we did most of the homework for you so all you need to do is call. Luckily, LA Jewish Lawyer has a network of courtroom experienced top Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers and Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys that are ready to fight for you. Call 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation with an attorney!


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