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Leasing a car has a great deal of benefits compared to owning a car. For instance, payments are cheaper than on a regular 6-year loan and you can upgrade to a newer vehicle for less money. On the other hand, the leasing company typically places limits on the number of miles you can drive without being penalized. Another drawback is that you cannot recover for damages to the vehicle in the event of an accident.


When you are involved in an accident, typically you try to get compensation for damages to your car, medical bills, pain and suffering, loss of income and sometimes even punitive damages. However, in the event of an accident in a leased car, you may not recover damages for damage to the car since you do not own it. Nonetheless, if you’re involved in a car accident in a leased vehicle, you could use legal advice to see the extent to which you may still be entitled to compensation. For a Free Consultation with an attorney, call LA Jewish Lawyer at 855 977 1212.


It’s recommended that whenever you lease a vehicle, you pay extra attention to the fine print. This is because many lease agreements make you pay heavier payments at the beginning of the lease. This can backfire in the event of an accident within the initial months of the lease since the leasing company typically will not refund you for the extra payments while they receive full payment from the insurance company. 


Also, if you’re involved in a car accident it’s important that you first see if anyone needs medical help and report the accident to law enforcement. As in an accident in your own vehicle, you should exchange driver’s license and insurance information, take pictures and collect witness’ information. If there are cameras, such as in a gas station, make sure to request said footage as soon as possible before they get recorded over. After that, you would call the other driver’s insurance company in order to file a claim for compensation, which the other driver’s insurance company may grant for an amount they deem fair or deny.


If you decide to pursuit a claim on your own, be aware that insurance companies are in the business of making money and may use anything you say in order to minimize the value of your claim. Recall that although you may not be entitled to compensation for damages to the automobile, you can still claim for medical bills, pain and suffering, and loss of income. As a result, when involved in a leased car accident, we recommend at the very least that you get a free consultation with an attorney. Luckily, LA Jewish Lawyer has a network of courtroom experienced top Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers and Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys that are ready to fight for you. Call 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation with an attorney!

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