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Although the American justice system is seen as a model is around the world, it is by no means a perfect system. The division of powers across time and space in the form of geographical jurisdictions and term limits help ensure check and balances are in place as judges are picked, in theory. However, the truth is that the California court system, as in the Federal and other states’ justice systems have become complex with so many moving pieces that even a technical omission can result in an unfair and unfavorable decision for you. Fortunately, there are several remedies, including appeals. If you think you have an appeal in Los Angeles you can get a Free Consultation with an attorney, Call LA Jewish Lawyer 855 977 1212 now!

Whenever you get an unfavorable ruling in a California superior or trial court, you may opt to file a number of motions before you appeal. For example, you may file a motion to vacate or set aside judgement with the court that issued the judgement. Alternatively, you may also file a motion for reconsideration based on new circumstances, facts or law. Similarly, you may file a motion for renewal when a previously denied motion needs to be reconsidered based on new circumstances, facts or law. You may also file a motion for new trial where you’d ask the court to reexamine one or more issues, or where there was jury misconduct, irregularities, insufficient evidence, etc. Finally, a superior or trial court decision may be overturned by filling an appeal with in a California appellate court.

Appeals in California must follow an extremely strict format in order to have a chance to achieve a favorable decision. That is to say, that even a mistake in formatting on any of a series of documents can easily result in an unfavorable outcome. As a result, it’s not only important to hire an attorney, but it’s crucial to hire an attorney with experience with in appeals and adequate staff support. Luckily, LA Jewish Lawyer has put together a top attorney network in California in order to best represent you with your legal matter.

There are several factors that may justify an appeal. As previously mentioned, although a model, our justice system is far from perfect. Luckily, because our governance system is based on a check and balances, appeals to an unfavorable ruling may also available. For example, an unfavorable decision may be a result of insufficient evidence, a warrant issued without proper cause, admittance of unlawful evidence, obstruction of the court by unlawfully swaying the jury, etc. A decision may also be appealed because such sentence violates federal or state law and/or the verdict outweighs the conviction. If you’ve received an unfavorable decision from a trial court and need to review your options, including an appeal, call LA Jewish Lawyer for a Free consultation directly with an attorney in Los Angeles at 855 977 1212.


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