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Do I Need a Dog Bite Injury Lawyer?

Dogs are known as people’s best friend, except as the owner you’re legally responsible for the dog’s actions. As a result, misbehavior by the animal can bring you a sea of trouble, specially if your dog bites a person.

In a case where your dog bites a person, the first thing to do is to do right by the victim in order to prevent him or her to become frustrated and take legal action. However, even if you attend to the victim’s needs, he or she may still elect to pursue legal action. This legal trouble usually comes in the form of a letter from an attorney. At which point, you and your dog may face charges in criminal court. If you believe the bite may have been justified because of trespassing or provocation you could use legal help. Call LA Jewish Lawyer at 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation with an attorney.

As with most legal trouble, the best way to deal with a nasty dog bite is to prevent it. Keep in mind that 2% of the population of the United States will be bitten by dogs every year. Moreover, most of those bites will be suffered by small children. As you can imagine, families are very protective of children and likely will seek legal help of one of their own has been injured by your pet. As a dog owner, it is crucial to understand why your dog may bite.

  • Dominance: something is taken away from the dog
  • Defensive/Fear: Dog is approached too quickly and reacts in defense
  • Protective or Territorial: Aggressive behavior towards strangers that come close to home
  • Predatory: Directed at small children and small animals
  • Pain-elicited: Directed towards people when dog is in pain
  • Punishment: Directed towards people that mistreat the dog
  • Redirected Aggression: Directed towards people but the behavior is triggered by a difference instance.

In most jurisdictions provocation as a defense is permissible as long as the dog’s aggression is proportional to the aggressive act. Unfortunately, aggressive stimuli is hard to prove in court and the case’s outcome may be decided in a case by case basis. California applies a strict liability in dog bite cases, which means that the owner is almost always responsible, regardless of the dog’s aggressive history. However, if the victim is trespassing your property, the victim deliberately instigates of provokes the dog, or the victim wrongfully attacks the owner, you may prevail in court and not be responsible for the bite.

If you’re in a position to defend yourself and your dog or have become the victim of a dog bite you will need an experienced personal injury/dog bite attorney to handle your case so justice is served. Here at LA Jewish Lawyer, we’ve put together a network of top attorneys to professionally handle your case so you can focus on your life. For more information or for a Free Consultation call LA Jewish Lawyer at 855 977 1212 now.


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Do I Need an Attorney for Dog Bite Injury?