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Do I Need A Lawyer If I Injured A Pedestrian?

We have all seen them, perhaps we have also been there. While public transportation is not as popular in Los Angeles as in other parts of the country, buses and trains still provide a cleaner and more affordable way for people to commute and reach their destinations than using cars or motorcucles. In fact, buses are considered among the safest vehicles to travel. However, even these big guys are not immune to accidents. Whenever we place big and heavy machinery like buses next to unarmored human beings, the potential for great injury should a collision occur cannot be ignored.

Pedestrian injury accidents with buses can occur within the bus or when a pedestrian is struck by the bus. The former occurs when the bus stops abruptly, hits something or it is hit by something that causes a bus passenger or bus passengers to become injured. The latter takes place when a pedestrian is hit or struck by a moving bus, truck or other mode of transportation. For example, a distracted bus driver may be making a right or left turn into a crosswalk and hit a pedestrian while the pedestrian had the right of way. Similarly, it can happen while a rider is running fast towards a departing bus and the distracted driver fails to see him or her on time to stop the bus and prevent the impact. Incidentally, a few years ago a man and his dog were killed by an MTA bus while playing fetch. The ball was tossed, it bounced off a church in Sun Valley, California, and went straight for the street where a vehicle was coming at full speed, striking and killing the owner and his dog.

As you may already know, dealing with injury accidents and insurance companies is confusing when you’re in any type of an accident. However,  it may be more so when dealing with a bus. Assigning liability in a bus accident case is different than in a car accident case in that buses are typically operated by government entities. An experienced personal injury attorney knows that when dealing with city, state or federal government, the statute of limitations, or the time one has to file a complaint, is typically greatly reduced. If you’ve been a victim of a pedestrian injury accident it may be prudent to contact an experienced traffic accident attorney to instruct you on how to best proceed. Here at LA Jewish Lawyer we have put together a network of highly skilled, compassionate and experienced top injury attorneys with the best reviews in order to ensure you put your best foot forward in your injury accident case. For a Free Consultation with an attorney call 855 977 1212 now.


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Do I Need A Lawyer If I Injured A Pedestrian?