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The city of Lancaster, California has become an excellent and affordable place for people with ties to Los Angeles due to its relatively short commute and affordability. In fact, Lancaster shines for having the highest solar energy solar production per capita in the United States. Unfortunately, this healthy urbanization and economic growth brings with itself a problem that we are all vulnerable to: car accidents.


For example, just last November a 29-year old woman was killed in a head-on collision while traveling southbound on 50th street east. Previously in October, two drivers were killed in a violent head-on crash on State Route 138 at 150th Street West in Northwest Antelope Valley. Another collision on North 20th Street East near Avenue K resulted in a Minor’s death, last July. If you’ve experienced a car accident in Lancaster, call LA Jewish Lawyer at 855 977 1212 for a FREE Consultation with a Personal Injury Attorney!


There are a number of reasons why traffic accidents occur, despite the best signaling and urban planning possible. For example, drunk driving, speeding, reckless driving, rain, etc. However, there are some helpful recommendations to help you avoid them. You can respect their right of way, and even if you’re legally entitled to, let the vehicle in a hurry go first. Also, do not exceed the speed limit, pay attention to the road, wear a seatbelt, do not drive under the influence or even if you do not feel well, slow down for bad weather conditions and know your blind spots!


As the number of vehicles grow in Lancaster, California so does the likelihood of accidents, injuries or even death. When you’re involved in an accident in Lancaster, remember that insurance companies and their attorneys on the other side will fight hard and it’s wise not to fight them alone. Alternatively, if you think that your insurance company will represent you, think again, they’ve got their own attorneys to look after their profits. Only a top attorney from our carefully selected LA Jewish Lawyer network can give you the best chance for you to fight for your rights! For a Free Consultation directly with Lancaster Accident Attorney call 855 977 1212 now.




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