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Long Beach Car Accident Lawyers

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Long Beach Car Accident Lawyers

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Car accidents in Long Beach are on the rise. According to “Allstate America’s Best Driver Report”, Long Beach ranks 133 in car collision safety, with the 200th city being the most accident-prone. Consequently, if you live or commute in the city of Long Beach and experience a car accident, it’s in your best interest that you get an attorney with the very best reviews and references, such as one form the LA Jewish Lawyer network.

As the number of vehicle grows in Southern California, intersections and signaling begin to have difficulty directing traffic efficiently in cities such as Long Beach. For example, local drivers have reported than they “risk their lives” whenever they travel through the Los Alamitos Traffic Circle in Long Beach. In fact, according to the city’s Traffic Engineering Division, the Traffic Circle tops the list of accident-prone intersections, followed by Los Coyote Diagonal, PCH, Cherry Avenue, 7th Street, Bellflower, 2nd Street, San Antonio and MLK.

When you are involved in an accident in Long Beach, remember that insurance company attorneys on the other side will fight hard. If you think your insurance will best represent you, it’s best that you think again, they’ve got their own lawyers looking after their own interests. Only a carefully selected attorney will make sure you have the best chance to fight for your rights. At LA Jewish Lawyer we pride ourselves in our select network of carefully chosen attorneys to best represent you in your traffic accident case.

For example, a top Car Accident lawyer from LA Jewish lawyer knows that the at fault motorist may not be the only liable party in a case. In fact, the city may also be held liable if: it owns or controls the intersection, is responsible for inspection and maintenance thereof, there was a dangerous condition that caused the accident, the city knew about this condition and took an unreasonable time to fix it, you were injured as a result of this dangerous condition, etc. Consequently, an experienced Personal Injury Attorney from our network can ensure that you get the best compensation possible for your medical expenses, pain and suffering as well as any damages you may have suffered as a result of your accident.

As a port city, Long Beach has been historically a hub for commerce and culture. For better or worse, this makes the city attractive for many Angelenos and others to come and add pressure to our street and highway signaling system. This is great for the city economy as people from Los Angeles, Orange County and tourists from elsewhere in America and the world come to spend using our city products and services. Unfortunately, this also makes our city more accident-prone as pressure on our signaling and traffic increases. If you’re involved in a car accident in Long Beach, it’s best that you’re well represented.

LA Jewish Lawyer’s network of attorney comprise of the very best, selecting only attorneys on a number of reasons, chief among them: compassion, dedication, and the best reviews and references. However, our single greatest strength is that our attorneys have lots of litigation, courtroom and trial experience.

If you’re in Long Beach and need an attorney, you’re in luck! You can simply pick up the phone and call (855) 977 1212 for a FREE Consultation directly with one of our attorneys.


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