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It is no secret that in the last few years companies like Lyft and Uber have noticeably have taken off. At first this created a lot of legal confusion when it came to car accidents involving these ride-share companies. For example, if you’re in a car accident while riding a Lyft, is the driver to take liability, or Lyft, perhaps the other party? Luckily today the panorama is a lot clearer. In fact, certain ride-share companies have up to one million dollars in coverage available but only under certain strict circumstances.


In order to understand how liability or responsibility works when you experience an accident in a Lyft, it helps to know a couple of insurance terms. First, there is “liability coverage”, or coverage from an insurance company that’s available whenever you cause accidents or injuries to others. Then, there is “UIM” or underinsured motorist. An underinsured motorist is a motorist that despite having a liability policy in effect, such liability is not high enough to cover for the losses caused. In California every driver is required to have a policy that covers at least 15 thousand dollars per person and 30 thousand dollars per accident. However, insurance companies are not in the business of easily releasing checks as they are for profit organizations and collecting may prove difficult.


If you’re involved in an accident as a Lyft rider and your driver is at fault, you could pursue a claim directly against the company’s insurance policy. However, if a third party is at fault, you will need to file a claim with the third party’s insurance coverage. As they’re not your insurance company and they’re not hired by you, they may treat you poorly, in which case there is nothing you can do except have an attorney file a lawsuit. If you’ve been involved in a Lyft accident call LA Jewish Lawyer for a Free Consultation at 855-977-1212.


Another way you could be involved in an accident with a Lyft car is as another driver, cyclist or pedestrian. Here it is that it gets tricky. If the ride-share application is “off”, then you must file a claim through the driver’s own insurance company as Lyft will bear zero responsibility for the incident. This is the case despite its stickers being posted on the vehicle. On the other hand, if the app is “on” but the driver is waiting for a ride request, then the ride-share company has a fifty thousand dollars per person and one hundred thousand dollars per accident policy but only if the driver’s own insurance policy limits fall inadequate. Finally, if you’re in an accident with a Lyft driver, who is at fault, while on its way to pick up a rider or with a rider then you’re afforded a one million dollar limit policy.


With technology altering our legal landscape faster than ever is good to have the best legal counsel at your side. This is true of accidents with ride-share companies, specially when dealing with other driver’s insurance. If you or a loved one has been in an accident involving a Lyft or an Uber call 855-977-1212 for a Free Consultation now!

 Luckily, LA Jewish Lawyer has a network of courtroom experienced top Car Accident Lawyers and Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys that are ready to fight for you. Call 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation with an attorney!

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