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The city of Pasadena in Southern California is one of the most iconic cities in our state. It’s also a great destination for a weekend brunch or maybe even fine dining at dusk. Located just north-east of downtown LA, it’s an attractive place for shopping and dining. And much alike any other city in Southern California, it requires most residents to drive and use the roads and traffic signaling systems. Unfortunately, this makes the city prone to traffic accidents.

Pasadena has recently been hit with a series of serious traffic accidents which have prompted city officials to re-evaluate city development and planning to minimize injury and deaths. For example, there was a five-car accident on the eastbound 210 highway, which left one person dead and two injured in 2016. Also just over a month ago, a hit and run crash left a driver dead. Unfortunately, this is part of a growing trend in the Los Angeles County. In fact, according to the Governor’s Highway Safety Association’s report, pedestrian deaths caused by automobile accidents have risen by 27 percent form 2007 to 2016. This is why it’s crucial, if you find yourself in a car accident in Pasadena, whether you’re a driver, a pedestrian or a biker, make sure you are represented by the best. A carefully selected Car Accident Lawyer form the LA Jewish Lawyer network can best represent you in your traffic accident case.

Fortunately, in the wake of the recent wave of traffic accidents, the city of Pasadena is considering initiatives to eliminate deaths by 2027. These initiatives may focus on some the most accident prone intersections in the city such as Lake Ave & Orange Grove Blvd., Fair Oaks & Maple Street, Lake Ave. & Corson St., Lake Ave & Maple St., among others. However, these implementations may take time to implement and results are not guaranteed. If you’re a driver in Southern California involved in an accident it’s best to seek the best legal representation possible.

Pasadena is a beautiful city and a personal favorite for many Angelenos and Southern California residents. It has a  unique and rich culture spanning from a resort town in the 1800’s to a post World War II era hub of manufacturing and scientific development. In fact, Pasadena is still home to impressive victorian and art-deco buildings as well as NASA’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory. Nonetheless, if you’re involved in an accident in Pasadena, look for the best attorney. Incidentally, Police reports can sometimes provide insufficient information. Similarly, insurance companies have attorneys looking after their own interests first. As a result, a thorough investigation by a top attorney may be required to get you the best compensation for your injury, property damage and pain and suffering. Consequently, always make sure you hire a compassionate and dedicated Personal Injury Attorney with best reviews and references such as one from our LA Jewish Lawyer network. Call today for a FREE Consultation at (855) 977 1212 and speak directly with one of our attorneys.


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