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Buying Selling or Renting a Property and Looking for a Real Estate Lawyers call for you FREE Consultation 855-977-1212, The Commercial and Residential Litigation Lawyers in our Network are Ready to Help You to get the Best Result on Your Construction Loan Case.

  • Are you behind in your mortgage payments?
  • Are you in foreclosure?
  • Has your lender already foreclosed on your home?
  • Are you in trouble with hard-money lenders?
  • Trouble with your 420 Cannabis business?
  • Construction contractors, builder conflict?

Then you need the Top Real Estate Business Attorney!

If you are facing a construction related law suite, experienced defense Real Estate Lawyers in Los Angeles can help you utilize the legal tools that are at your disposal.

Many homeowners and developers have legitimate claims against the banks that they will never discover on their own. An experienced defense Real Estate Attorney Los Angeles  in our network will examine your loan documents to determine whether you are the victim of a predatory loan.

In addition, many homeowners have been wrongfully foreclosed on either due to fraudulently drafted foreclosure documents or because the trustee had no right to foreclose in the first place. The news media has provided many reports of the bad acts that banks and mortgage companies have used to wrongfully foreclose on your home. These include robo-signing (where a company hires someone off the street to sign thousands of foreclosure documents), an entity “acting” as a trustee to foreclose and finally even providing a manual to help employees fabricate foreclosure documents.

You need an experienced Los Angeles Real Estate Attorney to help walk you through the pitfalls of dealing with banks and loan services that will use every tool to try to foreclose on your home. An experienced Foreclosure Attorney in our network will advise you of your options and give you an accurate assessment of your legal rights and the choices available to you. An experienced attorney in our network will make sure you understand your rights, and we will provide personalized service when addressing your debt problems.

For example:

  • Often, if the borrower has grounds to file a lawsuit for wrongful foreclosure can be settled with a loan modification.
  • Negative amortization loans were extremely prevalent for many years. In 2010 the California legislature made them illegal because they are designed to default.
  • Courts have discovered many different means, such as robo-signing, that loan servicers have used to wrongfully foreclose on mortgages.
  • Only a Trustee of your mortgage may foreclose on your home. If any other entity tries to do so, then the foreclosure is invalid.


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Attorneys Playbook – Buying Your Home

Buying a home today is even tougher than it was in 2006 and – worse still – not all homes are in that perfect shape you want them to be. New home owners choose to make changes to their fresh nest and this involves hiring professionals. Paint, plumbing, electrical, roofing and landscaping are some of the prominent tradesmen homeowners seek to hire. There is the option of using a general contractor or a remodeling company which basically handles the entire scope of the project and removes the burden of working with multiple tradesmen to accomplish the work. Hiring the best remodeling company for the job takes some research and good judgment by the new home owner, because picking the wrong company, could be disastrous. But what if you have done your work well and the company still terns-out a “lemon”? A newlywed couple moved into their 3 bedroom home nestled on a quiet street in west Los Angeles. They had just closed escrow a week before and started a small kitchen remodeling project. They hired a general contracting company which was at the top of their list after long and tedious research. The whole project was expected to take no more than 3 weeks but it ended up taking six months and a second general contracting company was needed to complete the work. The first company went belly-up leaving the couple stranded. The options were limited for the pair and regrettably, they had to resort to paying more to finish the job than they first intended to. The legal team hired was faced with painstaking task of bringing proper compensation to the battered newlyweds

What a Los Angeles Real Estate Defense Attorney in Can Do for You:

A defense attorney in our network will examine all the recorded documents including Assignments, Substitutions and Notices to determine whether the foreclosure process was performed properly.

Even if your financial condition is currently irreparable, there can be several ways to stop a foreclosure, including:

  • Short sale
  • Loan modification
  • Filing for bankruptcy
  • Strategic default
  • Deed in lieu
  • Filing a lawsuit for Wrongful Foreclosure


With an experienced real estate attorney, there is no need to be afraid of being misled by your bank. In many cases, homeowners with proper legal counsel can fight the banks and win.

Contact us and speak to one of our attorneys to help you get the best results now.

You Consultation is FREE-of-CHARGE and with no obligation. Feel free to call us at 855-977-1212.

We are ready to help you with your case.

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