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The city of Santa Ana in the Orange County is a bustling center of industry, retail trade, service and manufacturing activity. As an important part of Orange county it serves as an important component of the orange county and Southern California’s economy. Unfortunately, this also makes Santa Ana susceptible to traffic and car accidents.


For instance, just in January of 2019 two people died in a fiery crash near McFadden Ave. and Raitt St. Similarly, just last December a 29 year old man was arrested on DUI charges after a crash which killed a passenger near the intersection of McFadden and South Grand. As you may already know, accidents, even small ones, can be disruptive and confusing. However, you can get a Free Consultation with an attorney at the LA Jewish Lawyer network. Simply call us at 855 977 1212.


As with most types of accidents prevention is key. Below is a list of intersections to to avoid or be extra careful in Orange County. Incidentally, the intersection of 1st St. & Sullivan St. in Santa Ana did not make it to the list but it’s ranked 7th in the “most deaths” category.


  • Harbor Blvd. & Chapman Ave.
  • Jamboree Rd., & Bristol St.
  • Harbor Blvd. & La Palma Ave.
  • Euclid St. & Slater Ave.
  • Bristol St. & Birch St.

If you’re involved in an accident in any of the intersections above or anywhere in Santa Ana, California, remember that it may be tough to deal with insurance companies while you try to recover to get a fair compensation. Typically, when attorneys negotiate with insurance companies for your fairest settlement, they have great bargaining power as they can file suit against an insurance company at any time. Additionally, a top Personal Injury Lawyer with experience from the LA Jewish Lawyer network can provide you with qualified medical care through a network of medical providers at no cost to you until your case is settled. If you have experienced a car accident and need assistance, please call us at 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation!


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