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When one thinks of Santa Ana, California, one may think of the Santa Ana Freeway, or perhaps the Santa Ana winds. And while these images that come to mind are correct, it often escapes us that the city of Santa Ana, in Orange county is the county’s second most populous city with an estimated 329,427 residents in 2011. However, while Santa Ana and its inhabitants make for a prosperous and vibrant community, unsuspecting people and cars are typically the two elements needed for car accidents.


In fact, last December 11th, of 2018 a 50-year old man was struck and killed at the intersection of W. First and S. Baker Streets. Earlier in the month, a 31-year old woman died in a crash involving three cars between Washington and 15th street. Similarly, a fatal car accident took place in October of the same year along the southbound lanes of the 55 MacArthur freeway. If you’re involved in an accident and are in need of a consultation with an experienced Personal Injury Attorney and car accident law firm , call 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation.


Whenever you’re in a car accident in Santa Ana or elsewhere in California, you are told to exchange insurance and driver’s information with the other parties, report the accident to your insurance company and then let your insurance take care of you. If the accident is severe enough and/or if police shows up at the scene, there will likely be a police report.


However, you should keep in mind that insurance companies are there first to represent themselves. In fact, they have dedicated attorneys that fight hard in order to minimize their compensation costs and maximize their profits. Fortunately, you too can get a carefully selected attorney that can deal with insurance companies and their attorneys and make sure you put your best foot forward and get your best chance at a fairer recovery.


Similarly, if police is called and a police report is filed, it can sometimes omit vital information for your case. This is because those reports are filled by law enforcement officers and not reconstruction accident professionals. An experienced attorney can recreate and analyze the event  in order to bring to light any fact that may have been omitted by a police report and consequently by the insurance companies. If you think insurance companies will take any extra step to pay you more money, you best think again.


At LA Jewish Lawyer we pride ourselves in our carefully selected network of attorneys that can give you the fairest compensation for your accident. As always, call 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation with an attorney!


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