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Studio City Personal Injury Lawyers

An experienced Studio City Personal Injury Attorney in our network has the skills, experience, and resources needed to battle negligent individuals and their insurance companies to ensure that you receive a fair settlement that will cover Medical expenses, Lost income Pain and suffering.

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Situated by the Hollywood hills and home to some of the best restaurants in the county, Studio City is the “gem” of the San Fernando Valley.

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Studio City is a neighborhood in the City of Los Angeles, sometimes viewed as a bit quaint and old-fashioned, in the midst of the modern Los Angeles metropolis, or even the San Fernando Valley, which it is a part of.  Studio City is named after the movie studio lot that was established in 1927 by film producer Mack Sennett, which is now known as the CBS Studio Center.

Over the past one hundred fifty (150) years, the Studio City community grew, by “fits and starts,” meaning that when water was plentiful for irrigation and municipal use, the population grew and prospered, but when the water sources “ebbed,” so did the prosperity.

Originally known as “Laurelwood” – stemming from the name of Laurel Canyon – the area Studio City now occupies was once part of Rancho Ex-Mission San Fernando.  The land changed hands many times during the late 1800’s.  James Boon Lankership and other developers formed the Lankershim Ranch Land and Water Company in in the 1880’s, and along with the rest of the San Fernando Valley, citrus orchards and vegetable farms blossomed.  Hot in the Summer, with a long growing season, and then a mild Winter, the area was ideal for agriculture, when irrigation  water was available.  But in 1899, Studio City lost most of its water rights to Downtown Los Angeles, and thereafter, both farming and building were difficult in Studio City.

Personal Injury Lawyers in Studio City

Today, Studio City provides homes and residences for many thousands, and provides offices for many professions, including Personal Injury Attorney, health care professionals, car dealers and travel-related professionals.

In 1908, soon after the Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (“DWP”) was formed, Chief DWP Engineer William Mulholland (ever heard of “Mulholland Drive”?) designed and built the Los Angeles Aqueduct, which brought water from Northern California to the San Fernando Valley and Studio City in November 1913.  After that, with plenty of water, Studio City boomed, growing by leaps and bounds.

Developers, including Harry Chandler, Hobart Whitley, Isaac Van Nuys, and James Boon Lankershim acquired additional acreage, and Studio City was on its way to becoming a center of movie and film production, commerce and manufacturing.  Next came a decades-long boom in residential development.  As mentioned above, in 1927, Mack Sennett began building a new studio, which is today CBS Studios.

In the early 1900’s, the Charter of the City of Los Angeles was worded in such a way, that the City of Los Angeles was NOT permitted to provide Los Angeles City water to any municipality outside of the City, so the solution was for the City of Los Angeles to annex all of the surrounding towns and communities.



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Studio City Personal Injury Lawyers