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Designed to be a workman’s paradise, the City of Torrance was built to be the perfect marriage between residential areas and industry. Moreover, an intrinsic part of what makes this marriage work is transportation. As a result, everyday countless residents rely on bus transportation to get to school, work, and for shopping and other activities. Unfortunately, much in like every happy marriage, problems do occasionally arise. Namely, we’re looking at bus accidents.   One may think that one is relatively safe in Torrance, given its low crime rate, but if you’re in a bus or driving near a bus you may want to think again. Just in March of 2018, a bus from the Torrance Unified School District crashed into a Mercedes S-Class sedan on Emerald Street, west of Anza Avenue. If you’re involved in a bus accident or got hurt while riding a bus in Torrance, feel free to call us at 855 977 1212 for a Free Consultation.   When you are involved in a bus accident you can expect the driver and/or his insurance to use their facts and the complex California legal system to reduce their liability as much as possible. This minimizes your chances to get a fair compensation for you and/or your loved ones. There are many factors that can bring liability to the bus driver. For example, a driver may be liable as a result of: driver error, impairment, defective equipment, failure to follow traffic rules and signs, safety violations, improper use of lanes, improper stops, speeding, etc. You need an experienced bus accident lawyer to gather the real facts, recreate the accident and represent you by putting your best foot forward. The legal system in California with its lengthy forms and solid-rock deadlines can be intimidating even for the most intelligent person. However, a compassionate yet aggressive attorney has the experience to give you the peace of mind while at the same time maximizing your chances for a fair compensation. Call LA Jewish Lawyer for a Free Consultation with an attorney at 855 977 1212.   Fortunately, bus safety standards have been updated in the last few decades. For example, school buses are now mandated to come with a three-point harness when manufactured after 2005. Nonetheless, public transit buses usually lack this feature, in fact, many even have to ride standing up. This is especially dangerous if the bus is involved in a sudden stop or an accident. If you’ve gotten hurt while riding a bus or were involved in a collision with a bus as a pedestrian or a driver in Torrance, do not hesitate to Call LA Jewish Lawyer for a Free Consultation with an attorney directly at 855 977 1212!        

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