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Workers Compensation Attorney in Los Angeles

Injured at work? Has repeated exposure to hazardous conditions caused an illness? Please contact us and we’ll give you a FREE CONSULTATION to advise you of your rights.

If you have been hurt or injured at work, whether by someone else’s negligence or your own, you have a right to compensation so that you can recuperate and become healthy again. If you have been exposed to prolonged harmful conditions, such as hazardous chemicals or repetitive motions, you have a right to compensation. Yet while you have a right to Workers Compensation, the whole process can be unbelievably complicated. Our network of attorneys is eager to help you walk through the complex Workers Compensation system so that you can receive your benefits and heal.

The byzantine Workers Compensation system can be daunting for any person and there are traps, such as, whether you qualify for the system and who may treat you. This is why your first step should be to consult with an experienced Workers Compensation Lawyer from our network of attorneys. S/he will be able to tell you whether you should file a claim with the Workers Compensation system or pursue some other recourse. S/he will be able to find you a medical provider that will be able to find you the right treatment. Finally, s/he will be able to stand beside you through the whole process and use his/her experience to get you compensation.

For example:

  • A qualified employee may not sue his/her employer if he/she is injured at work, but can only receive benefits from the Workers Compensation insurance program that is managed by the state.
  • A person may only use his/her personal doctor if he/she has predesignated his/her doctor to treat him/her for a workplace injury.

What Can Our Network of Attorneys Can Do for You:

People who are injured at work deserve a relatively easy process to help them after their injury. Unfortunately, the current Workers Compensation system in California can be convoluted. One of our network of attorneys will review your claim and explain how best to proceed with making a claim for your work injury.

We can help you:

– File a claim the Division of Workers Compensation

– Find a treating physician in the Medical Provider Network of your employer’s Workers Compensation Insurer

– Help you in any disagreement you may have with your claims administrator

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