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Experienced Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyers in our network will work hard to protect your rights with an extensive litigation experience. Our legal team of professional lawyers will work diligently to make sure you get the best result for your case.  Traffic accidents are something that nearly everyone experiences at some point in his/her life. Often a person is able to walk away from a traffic accident with only minor damage to their vehicle, and no physical injuries. Sometimes though a traffic accident can be much more severe. We understand the devastating impact your accident can have on your life. A car accident can leave a person without a car, unable to work and severely injured. A personal injury attorney – “PI” Attorney –  helps clients who have suffered from a car accident, among other types of injuries. Most often, a personal injury attorney deals with the other car’s insurance agency – “PI” Attorney –  . Our network of personal injury lawyers know how to speak with insurance agents. Our experienced Los Angeles lawyers will fight for you, and can help you receive the compensation you deserve.

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An experienced car accident lawyer in Los Angeles has the skills, experience, and resources needed to battle negligent individuals and their insurance companies to ensure that you receive a fair settlement that will cover:
  • Medical expenses (both current and future)
  • Lost income
  • Pain and suffering
  • Compensation for permanent injuries and physical disability and/or limitations
After suffering a serious traffic accident you will need to seek medical attention from a qualified specialist, and it may take a long time to fully recover. Our network of attorneys can help you find a medical provider that will help you with your injuries. Our network of chiropractors, medical doctors, cosmetic / plastic surgeons and other health care professionals will help you return to excellent health and well-being, as soon as possible. In addition to treating you, caring for you, and healing you, our network of health care professionals also serve the function of documenting your injuries, and in so doing, convincing the other driver’s insurance agency of the seriousness of your injuries, and the extent of compensation that will be required to settle the case. You should be aware that, although there are certainly no guarantees, and no official guidelines to the calculation of damages amounts by insurance agencies, there sometimes proves to be a formula, which can be referred to as the “3 to 1 Ratio,” by which Personal Injury attorneys / PI lawyers seek to settle cases for at least three times (3x) the total of medical and health care costs and expenses.  Of course, insurance companies are fighting that “3 to 1 Ratio” more vigorously than ever before, but our network of experience Personal Injury attorneys also knows the tricks of the trade, and they will “move mountains” in order to get you the substantial recovery that you deserve. Every car accident, natural disaster and human crisis can be better dealt with when you have a team to fight for you, and with you. That is exactly what we do … we provide you with the litigation support, medical resources, and encouragement that will enable you to survive and thrive, despite the devastating events of the accident and its aftermath. Sometimes it’s difficult for people to cope with sudden, unexpected disasters.  That’s because humans are very smart, and when something very bad happens very suddenly, it’s difficult for us to cope.  At first, we’re in shock, dazed and disoriented.  Then we either get very angry, or we panic, and get very scared.  The next step is often sadness, crying, and depression.  But such a condition does not help us solve problems.  Calling your law firm, your doctor, and your friends and relatives does help us solve problems, and that is what you should do, immediately after the automobile accident. Recently, we came to realize that many clients seem to view JEWISH LAWYERS as something special, something to search for on the internet, when looking for an attorney.  Of course, dealing on a daily basis with Jewish attorneys, we became very curious about this, and after some inquiry, followed by a bit of research, here’s what we found.  Many of our clients view Jewish lawyers as being some – or all – of the following, but with a wide variation in how they rank these attributes: ATTRIBUTES
  • Highly intelligent and capable professionals;
  • Very assertive, even aggressive, with some clients saying going so far as to say, “I’m looking for an attorney that’s a shark, a pit bull, or [fill in the blank] … I need someone who knows how to ‘go for the jugular’… “
  • Or on a less controversial note, someone who really knows what they’re doing, with many years of experience, whether that be as Personal Injury, Trial Lawyers, Criminal Defense, Real Estate or Transactional Lawyers, to name a few;
  • Someone who takes the job 100% seriously; and
  • Someone clever, who will “out-smart” the lawyers on the other side.

It is important that you act quickly!

An experienced car wreck attorney in our network will provide accident reconstruction specialists and engineers, to conduct an investigation while evidence is still intact and witnesses can remember the details of the accident. There are strict statutes of limitations governing many personal injury claims, making it crucial that you file suit before these time limits expire.  If a government agency or entity is involved, a claim must be filed within six (6) months of the incident.  We can help you navigate this complex process to ensure that all deadlines are met and all evidence is properly gathered, preserved, and analyzed by experts.  In addition, our Personal Injury attorneys will help set up medical and treatment appointments to you, right from the very start, so that you can quickly begin your treatment, obtain the pain relief treatment and medications right from the start, which is when you need them the most.

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Attorneys Playbook – Car Accident on a Sunny Day

Sunny, sandy, sea-side LosAngeles is a great place to spend your summer at the beach. The sun, the sand, the fun activities and yes, our infamous bumper-to-bumper summer traffic. You’ve got Santa Monica, Venice Beach, Hermosa, Redondo and Manhattan Beach; Malibu, Ventura, and of course, Big Sur. A Los Angeles commute to the beach during summer can be a major issue but even more of a problem, are the resulting car accidents. Until we can all get an autonomous electric car, we are dependent on our own good judgment and driving skills. Three drivers were traveling on the well known Pacific Coast Highway (“PCH”), obeying the speed limits and making sure they pay attention to the very active and busy road. The three vehicles were following one another when the one at front made an unexpected stop for no obvious reason. The second driver (right behind the first up front) managed to stop his automobile to a distance of 5 inches from the front bumper. The third auto, the very last in line, did not stop and smashed into the middle car and as a result, the first car was hit as well. In the third car, the driver was distracted by a text message on his smart phone; it was the reason for rear-ending the second car. We call it either the “Domino Effect,” or the “Accordion Crash,” but this sort of road accident happens frequently. Car “Zero” pulls out into traffic suddenly, completely obscured by a parked City Bus. Car #1 startled, slams on the breaks, stopping dead. Car #2 is paying attention, and is able to stop without hitting car #1. But Car #3 is talking on the phone and pushes #2 into #1. Generally, in California, the car in the back is held responsible, on the theory that when we drive, we are expected to be able to stop in time to avoid a crash, even if the car ahead stops suddenly. In the PCH example, Car #2 would be held liable for hitting Car #1, even if Car # 1 stopped suddenly…except if auto #2 only hit Car #1 because vehicle #3 pushed the Middle Car into the Front Car. But even in that scenario, where Vehicle #3’s inattentiveness caused the damage to both Car #1 and Car #2, Car #2 will still have a problem, because the insurance carriers for Car #1 and Car #3 will claim that the doctrine of “Comparative Negligence” should be applied. With Comparative Negligence, for example, Car #3’s insurance carrier would allege that Car #2 and Car #3 are each fifty percent (50%) liable, and should therefore split the expenses, equally. In cases like this, a Court’s direction could go either way, so each driver needs to hire an experienced attorney to represent them. If the attorney is aggressive with the other side, and puts pressure on them through Discovery, Depositions and Motion practice, then the odds are good that the other side will be anxious to compromise and settle the claim without ever going to Court.
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Attorneys Playbook – Should Free Consultation Be Mandatory For Law Firms?

You had a automobile accident and it is imperative you hire a lawyer because you were injured and not at fault.  This is a common example of a case which – for an experienced Personal Injury attorney – can be very profitable.  Believe it or not, even though your accident and injury sounds “beefy,” many law firms will not accept your call unless you pay them – upfront – for the initial consultation. Bad business-practice?  Or, perhaps there is a good reason? Taking in calls regularly can turn into a very demanding task; most callers want to speak to your legal representative directly however, with some law firms, that’s not the case. Because lawyers must be engaged and focused on the work they do, the time consuming process of call-intake must be delegated.  It is imperative that the person in charge of speaking to prospective clients be an experienced legal representative of the Law Firm.  In many instances people will ask questions that only a lawyer will know how to answer or, at least have a proper answer without the need for further research. There are many different “scenarios” that you should be aware of when you call an attorney, or a Law Firm, but here’s one of the most common: Aggravating Situation, But There’s NO Case.  Here’s a recent example:  husband calls to hire a Personal Injury Attorney, because his wife was vacuuming the couch with a brand-new, name-brand Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.  While leaning over, Wife’s long hair got sucked into the high-powered Vacuum Cleaner, and was stuck there.  Husband shut-off the power button, but could not get the Vacuum Cleaner to let go of Wife’s hair.  Ultimately, Husband had to use hedge clippers to take apart the Vacuum Cleaner. Luckily, Husband was able to remove Wife’s hair without cutting it, or damaging it significantly.  There was no injury to Wife’s scalp, head, or hair, for the most part.  Husband’s friend had taken a video of the whole event, and Husband was anxious to send the video to the Law Firm. The Personal Injury Attorney had the unpleasant task of explaining that there simply was no case.  Although it was a stressful and aggravating situation, there was no physical injury, and recent California case law makes it clear that without actual physical injury, you cannot recover damages for pain, suffering and/or emotional distress. However, the Husband was not to be dissuaded from advancing this lawsuit, however.  He suggested a Products Liability lawsuit against the manufacturer of the Cordless Vacuum Cleaner.  The problem with that idea, is that the product performed exactly as it was intended to … with a powerful vacuum process.  The instructions and the cardboard packaging both warned of the powerful vacuum process, and cautioned users to keep objects and/or body parts away from the air intake opening. No case.  But meanwhile, it was a Twenty (20) Minute telephone call, and an Attorney’s primary resource is their time!
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