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Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles

  • Are you separated and seeking a divorce?
  • Do you need help gaining custody of your child?
  • Is your child in trouble with criminal authorities?

Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles is ready to help you reach the Best results in your situation.

Then you may have need of a Experienced Divorce Lawyer. Please contact us and we’ll give you a FREE CONSULTATION to advise you of how to proceed in your Family Law matter.

Divorce Attorney law is an area of the legal practice that focuses on legal issues regarding marriage and children. Some of the areas that Family Law concerns are marriage or domestic partnerships, adoptions, child custody, child abuse, divorce or legal separation, juvenile delinquency and paternity testing. An experienced Divorce Attorney will be able to guide you through what can often be an emotionally draining and difficult process.

  • Marriage

  • Separation

  • Divorce

When a person marries, s/he gains a variety of rights, including a number of tax benefits, survivor benefits from Social Security, rights under the Family Medical Leave Act, the right not to testify against your spouse and other rights. Generally, the above issues are handled by other attorneys, but Family Law Lawyers are familiar with the rights and benefits of marriage and help explain to any couple how the law protects married people. The majority of many Divorce Lawyers’ practice is focused on legal separation and divorce.

If a married couple separates, it is to their benefit to obtain a legal separation. A legal separation suspends some marital rights while retaining others. A legal separation ensures that all property owned by either spouse is retained by that spouse separately. Further, a legal separation agreement can help to divide payments and responsibilities that were jointly shared before the separation. Yet during a legal separation, the couple can continue to use the tax benefits of marriage as well as other marital benefits. A divorce or a dissolution of the marriage is required to sever all marital benefits.

California, is known as Community Property state, because the marriage laws developed from the Spanish legal traditions. A Community Property state provides that all property that is acquired during the marriage is owned equally by both parties to the marriage. FL&NY are Equitable Distribution states, because their marriage laws developed from English Common Law and they have adopted new laws in the twentieth century to ensure equitable division of property acquired during marriage. A divorce or dissolution of the marriage can be a difficult process.

Experienced Divorce Attorney

can help explain the law in your jurisdiction and advise you on how you can get a fair resolution of your divorce.

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Attorneys Playbook – The Divorce Society

In today’s society, divorce is a common marriage outcome as betting “black” or “red” on a roulette table. Divorce Lawyers in Sherman Oaks are swamped with couples looking to dissolve their marriage. Some come to an agreement fairly quickly and ready to move on with the divorce, but most have issues which will take months to find a mutual agreeable agreement. For those who are in a predicament due to anger, resentment, depression, spite, and so on, they tend to suffer the most and place a heavy burden on their children, if any. The married parents of three girls had substantial amount of assets and numerous reasons to find disagreements. At first their lawyers conducted a preliminary review of the clients’ intentions and produced an agreeable draft settlement. The objective was to make sure that the pair were “in sync” with what property they are willing to keep, let go and how to manage their parenting time with the children. The attorneys were in favor of taking the case and so they did. The process was expected to conclude on less than 20 days with all the cost and timeline well defined and agreed. An apparent twist of events took place once the husband discovered that his soon to be ex, had committed adultery with his friend of many years. The original settlement draft was dismissed immediately and the entire case took eleven months to conclude, leaving the wife with less than half of her assets. The fate of the children was more important to the parents than their wealth and the legal team was relatively satisfied this was the case. It offered a balanced outcome, under the circumstances.


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Child Custody

A Divorce Attorney often deals with child custody issues while handling a divorce or a legal separation. There are several different types of child custody arrangements. The parties could agree to joint custody, where the parties agree to the tasks and responsibilities each will take on in raising the child. In addition, one party to the dissolution or separation could obtain sole custody, which grants that party total physical and legal custody. Often when a parent is issued sole custody, the non-custodial parent is required to pay child support. In addition, the non-custodial parent is often granted visitation rights to the child. The two parents may also agree to share physical and legal custody or just to share physical custody. Shared custody ensures that each parent will have an equal amount of time with the child. An Experienced Family Law Lawyer can help you gain the custody of your child in the manner that you desire.

Juvenile Delinquency & Juvenile Dependency

A child under the age of 18 is considered a juvenile and is generally treated as such before the law. There are some exceptions, including one for prosecution of criminal offenses. Depending on the state and the severity of the crime, some children of 14 years old or older will be treated as adults and tried in criminal court. In all other cases, a child’s criminal behavior will be reviewed by Juvenile Court judge. If your child has broken the law, you need to consult with an Experienced Family Law Lawyer who will work to keep the case in Juvenile Court and will defend your child when s/he is before a judge.

If a parent, a court or Child Protective Services suspects that there is abuse or neglect of a child occurring, the case may be transferred to Juvenile Court. These cases are known as Juvenile Dependency cases. The Department of Children and Family Services will investigate the allegation and will act as the petitioner before the Juvenile Court. The Juvenile Court has broad powers. The Court may take the children from an abusive home, send the children to live with relatives or in foster care or in a group home, work with agencies to see to the child’s needs or possibly in the most extreme cases take away parental rights or create new parental rights. If your child has been taken from your home, you need to consult with an Experienced Family Lawyer who can best represent you before the Court to get your child back.

What Our Divorce Attorneys can do for you:

Family Law can be one of the most contentious and difficult of legal matters in which to be involved. Due to the emotional nature of the disagreements between parties, you need to find a lawyer who is experienced and will act professionally. Our network of Family Law attorneys have decades of experience in these matters.

We can help you:

  • File for legal separation or divorce
  • Help obtain child custody (either sole or joint custody)
  • Defend your child in a Juvenile Delinquency proceeding

Please contact one of our family law Divorce Attorneys to see how you can obtain an experienced attorney to best help you in your Family Law issue.

Divorce Attorney Playbook – The Pre-Divorce Mantra

PLAY #1”  —  PRE-DIVORCE  PLANNING.  If you are “happily” married, you can disregard this “Playbook” ……  or maybe not.   The truth is, you should always plan ahead, for every possible contingency, no matter what part of life we are talking about.  As Secretary of Defense, General James “Mad Dog” Mattis has said, his philosophy of life and his primary lesson for those in the military, is:  no matter who it is that you meet, and deal with, always treat them with professionalism, be courteous and cordial, but always … repeat, always … in the back of your mind, have a plan for how to KILL them, in case you need to!  And so it should be in the field of Family Law.  Always be prepared for the very worst possible scenario.  For example:

  • Enter into a “Pre-Nuptial Agreement” before actually getting married;
  • Know what property is “Separate Property,” and which property is “Community Property,” at all times;
  • If your plan is for some property to be, and remain as, “Separate Property,” do NOT ever “co-mingle” … keep it “Separate” at all times. If you have a Bank Account or a Brokerage Account that you intend to keep as your “Separate Property,” do not co-mingle funds, meaning mix different kinds of property together.  If it’s “Separate Property,” do not use it to pay the mortgage on Real Property that is, or may become, “Community Property.”  Conversely, if it’s Real Property that is your “Separate Property,” perhaps because you owned it prior to marriage, or perhaps because you inherited it from your parents (even after getting married), do not use “Community Property” funds to pay the mortgage;
  • Always know how much you are worth, and what each asset is currently valued at; and
  • Always keep some Cash, that your Spouse does not know about. This can be $300 for an emergency, like your car breaking down in the middle of nowhere, or it can be $30,000 if you think that divorce is just “around the corner.”

Divorce Attorneys in Los Angeles can be the best option for you in most cases, especially when there are many assets at stake.

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Divorce Attorney in Los Angeles